Coalition for Smarter Buildings

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Originally Aired - Monday, January 31 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

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Location: N239

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Title: Coalition for Smarter Buildings


The Coalition for Smarter Buildings (C4SB at is a newly formed organization of building technology thought leaders advocating for the broad deployment of smarter buildings as part of the Biden administration's climate, infrastructure, and workforce agenda. The coalition is now working with key Federal and state agencies and many non-government organizations in the industry to create a set of targeted education and tools to ensure consistent and effective deployment of smart technologies in public and private commercial buildings across the U.S.


In this session, founding members of the coalition will provide details of the coalition’s work to date, and its plans for 2022. Specifically, the panel will present the following:


 *   The Smarter Stack, an open-source communication tool that models the products, technologies and companies working to deliver smarter buildings at scale.

 *   Div 25 Specification, an open-source and comprehensive Division 25 specification for building projects of all sizes and types. The panel will present a draft version of this work for comments.

 *   A vision of a System-of-System approach for the future of interoperable smart building systems.

 *   A new approach for how smarter building technologies can be procured by building owners, focusing on benefits during operation rather than just first-cost.

 *   A comprehensive plan to develop skills necessary for the growing workforce required for the deployment of smarter building technologies at scale.


This is a not-to-be-missed session for professionals wanting to grow their smart building business, owners who want to specify and procure future-proof smart technology, and vendors wanting to deliver the right products to tap into the massive market being created by the timely Federal focus on smarter buildings.

Level: Intermediate

Type: Free Industry Sessions

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